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Welcome to the world of rare manuscripts, early printed books, maps, and other historical documents.

Louka Gradual

Unique evidence of the development of book painting at the turn of the Late Gothic to the Early Renaissance periods

Velislav Bible

The most voluminous medieval picture book in Central Europe

Codex Manesse

The most comprehensive collection of ballads and epigrammatic poetry in Middle High German

What is Manuscriptorium?

Manuscriptorium is a virtual research environment providing access to infinite content and wide possibilities of using it.


Our digital library provides catalogue records and complex digital documents from more than 180 (not only) European institutions.



Manuscriptorium makes the content of digitised documents available through the editions of literary texts included in the library’s manuscripts, incunabula, and early printed books.

In preparation


Our users can use sophisticated tools to create their own personal collections of selected documents, on-line presentations, and virtual exhibitions.

In preparation


Manuscriptorium prepares a variety of thematic content, such as virtual exhibitions, videos, educational materials, etc. View the overview here.


Service for content creators and administrators

We offer several unique services to the content creators and administrators of written cultural heritage.


Trouble-free integration

We are very flexible in the ways of processing the content of our partner institutions. Our ability to process more or less standardised data formats and to provide support to various types of communication to transfer data facilitates our collaboration with content providers.


Europeana domain aggregator

Through our library, you can offer your own content to Europeana for Manuscriptorium was granted the domain aggregator status for written book culture. Moreover, as an active member of Europeana Aggregators Forum, we assist memory institutions throughout Europe in disseminating their content.


IIIF Communication support

Not only do we fully integrate the most important IIIF interface for facile exchange and dissemination of digitised content among systems and to end users, but also we mediate this functionality to partners who do not have their own IIIF repository.